About The Book




Picking a leader at the ballot box can be a difficult choice-it's hard to sort out fact from fiction and doublespeak from sincere promises, especially with the bias in today's media. Salvator J. La Mastra V speaks directly to the voters of his generation, laying out the hot issues and each party's stance on them for the upcoming election. With our economy floundering and more focus on mudslinging than on solutions, America needs change-and the youth vote can bring that change. 2012 for Twentysomethings helps young voters get out, get informed, and make an educated vote.

"As a twentysomething, I know the importance of being politically informed. Sadly, most people my age are ignorant of the issues of our day, the stances of candidates running for office, and other important factors that make informed decisions possible. Luckily there is a resource for people in my generation. 2012 for Twentysomethings is that resource. I recommend it for you, your loved ones, and your friends. A must-have!"

—Lance Kennedy
Former state chairman, Texas College Republicans, and 2009
volunteer of the year, Republican Party of Texas